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Our Team

The team of a company makes it's history. We have our own specific way of working becoming better and more confident in time. 
2D Studio Ltd. was founded in 2007. by a team having many years of experience in advertising. The main idea that drives us is the desire to create graphic design with uncompromising quality and intelligent visual communication solutions.
Gradually, with the growth of our team, we expanded our portfolio of activities and we are currently successfully developing projects in the following areas:
- Graphic design of all kinds of advertising materials
- Logo and corporate identity
- Graphic design of packaging and labels
- Design of catalogs, periodicals and technical literature
- Web design
- Outdoor advertising and branding solutions
- Professional photography
- Advertising strategies
- Copywriting
Our team grew big and consists of experiences specialists.
We strive for creativity and perfectionalism. It is a pleasure for us to help your ideas grow. 
Enthusiasm is what moves us.
We know what responsibility is.
We are able to meet deadlines.
If you choose us - we will not disappoint you!

Svilen Andreev
manager § creative director
Founder, creative director, mentor, main customer relations and main force behind the 2D Studio brand. Holding more than 25 years of experience in graphic design, visual communication and printing processes, he is the most experienced person in the company with solutions for every problem and ensuring the clients receive everything on time and with highest quality.
Garbis Nigohozyan
Graphic designer
Always with fresh ideas when it comes to logo and corporate design! Garbis has a special attitude towards music - there's always Rock and Roll in his work!
Nikolay Subev
Graphic designer
Painter and graduated designer since 1999. An admirer of art in all its forms. When designing, he uses his creative imagination and subtle humor. He is the one taking care of the flowers in the office when he doesn't forget...
Polina Lazarova
graphic designer § photographer
Experienced designer with versatile talents. Polina uses a variety of techniques in the creative process and combines them skillfully to achieve an original product. Her work is always full of vitality and artistry. She loves photography. You will not remain indifferent to her portraits.
Peter Marinchev
Graphic Designer
Our team's 2D ninja and 3D samurai.
He is young, ambitious and very talented.
Ние ще му предадем вашето съобщение :)